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A Reminder To Check Your Commercial Air Conditioning

This isn’t a blog post. Instead, we want you to think of it as a friendly reminder. Now that we’re heading into spring, and then summer, you’ll want to ensure your business premises can handle the warmer weather. As specialists in commercial air conditioning in Auckland, we thought we’d give you a heads up that by checking your air conditioning now, you’ll avoid having to deal with a crowd of hot and flustered employees and customers in the months ahead.

It’s a mistake to think your commercial air conditioning will keep on going strong without regular maintenance. Each day that it works perfectly is a day closer to something going wrong with it! You wouldn’t let your vehicle go for years and years without a service, so why should it be different with air conditioning? Like a car, it’s a complex piece of machinery that needs regular attention to keep performing at its best. 

Our first focus when we service air conditioning is the wellbeing of anyone within the building. For example, an indoor unit heats or cools by circulating room air through its interior. It contains a filter designed to remove larger particles from the air, and it’s important that we clean and sanitise this filter so we can provide better air quality for your building’s occupants. To provide an even safer environment, we flush out the condensate drain and add a chemical tablet to ensure there is no stagnant water sitting in the drain or indoor unit. This will make the system more hygienic and is another way we can reduce any health risk to your clients, visitors and employees. 

We also place great emphasis on increasing the reliability and longevity of the equipment. One way we do this is to clean and sanitise component parts, especially moving parts. This not only improves air quality for everyone in your building but extends the life of the system too. Another example is the inspection of outdoor units for corrosion. These units have differing degrees of corrosion protection when they come from the manufacturer, but environmental factors such as proximity to the ocean can severely compromise this protection. If corrosion is left unattended the life span of the units is shortened, so annual inspections like the ones we carry out are essential. 

Proactive measures such as these minimise the chances of expensive equipment failure, which often happens in the height of summer! That’s why we encourage you to chase up a service as soon as you can. Instead of us having to remind you all the time, why don’t you contact us and we’ll set up an ongoing maintenance program to suit your equipment, operation and budget? That way you won’t have to give your commercial air conditioning a second thought! 

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