Air Conditioning

Commercial Premises Need Commercial Air Conditioning

Take it from us. Commercial air conditioning is a highly specialised field, and it is quite different from domestic, industrial and process air conditioning. That is why we encourage you to contact commercial air conditioning specialists like us instead of looking at a generic solution.  Commercial air conditioning must meet several key requirements, and these… Continue reading>

Reduce Food Waste, Increase Profits

The investment in the right commercial fridge for your business will allow you to keep food fresher for longer. Several factors need to be considered when choosing the best fridge for your requirements, most noticeably price but also the warranty period, availability of spare parts and technical support. Because all of these things need to… Continue reading>

Vent System

Let Us Check Your Ventilation System NOW

We offer a lot of services, including refrigeration, humidity and air conditioning servicing. We also handle ventilation system maintenance for clients all over Auckland and that is one of the most important services of all. When you read what ventilation systems do, and the consequences if they break down, you’ll understand why. Ventilation systems are… Continue reading>

Lethargic Employee

What Humidity Is Doing To Your Employees

Our humidity control products are generally sought after as a way to protect machinery and sensitive equipment in the workplace. For example, the link between corrosion and high humidity is undeniable and this is one area where our products and service can manage that situation. But the human factor should also be taken into account… Continue reading>

Living room

Keep Mould Out Of Your Cool Room

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your cool room will stop the formation and growth of mould. When everything is clean and in working order, the cool room will operate as it should and that will stop the nasty stuff from spoiling food and causing a mess that will take hours to clean.  High levels of… Continue reading>

Molecular Structure of Virus

Do viruses spread through air conditioning

Keeping air-conditioned spaces safe for occupants is a primary concern for building owners, managers, and services contractors. There is currently no evidence of human infection with SARS-CoV-2 caused by infectious aerosols distributed through the ventilation system ducts of air conditioning systems. The risk is rated as very low. There has been a lot of discussions… Continue reading>