For a long time only restricted to swimming pool heating due to their high condensing pressures and therefore high temperatures that the electro/mechanical side needs to endure. With ever-increasing technology and improvements they have been made available for potable water, fan coil units, underfloor, and space heating. There are even systems on the market that… Continue reading>


Tired of damp cold air, crying windows? Our Energy Recovery Ventilator unit (your best HVAC partner) has got your back. Customized options available to cover different areas. Our energy recovery ventilation systems comply with NZ standards and supersede the efficiency of other supplied units. Energy Recovery Ventilation is not the same as your usual positive… Continue reading>

We’ll Heat Your Entire Home This Winter

At Thermo Tech, we’re well known for our commercial and industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation solutions. We are experienced and skilled at working on these large scale projects, and that is why commercial and industrial organisations trust us with the big stuff. However, we are just as comfortable working in light commercial and residential… Continue reading>

Ice in an ice machine

Getting the best out of your Ice Machine

In the hospitality industry, an ice-making machine is a significant investment.  Many operators prefer the convenience of an ice maker to buy in bags of ice, but this comes at a cost.  Ice making machines are complex, even the average machine will set you back several thousand dollars. Once the investment in an ice machine… Continue reading>

Refrigeration Thermometors

Improve your commercial refrigeration equipment

What if there was one thing you can do to improve the reliability of your commercial refrigeration equipment? Our service team experiences many disruptive and expensive failures of commercial refrigeration that could have been avoided with regular maintenance.  Find below a simple tip on one thing the owner/operator can do that will improve reliability, extend… Continue reading>

Commercial HVAC Systems

Why It is a Bad Idea to Call a Residential Contractor for a Commercial HVAC Systems

To the untrained person, it might seem like the same skill set is needed to service and repair both residential and Commercial HVAC Systems. But, it is important that you are selective about the contractor that you hire because there are distinct differences in the skills that are required. So, instead of assuming that a… Continue reading>