Emergency breakdown servicing

Emergency ServicingWhen a refrigeration system Emergency Servicing fails early detection can mean the difference between expensive product loss and a short term deviation from ideal conditions

Another critical component in mitigating consequential loss is rapid response from your service provider. Thermo Tech can provide that rapid response.

All Thermo Tech mobile workshops are fitted with sophisticated GPS systems. This technology enables the nearest technician to the site to be selected and dispatched within seconds of receiving the call.

Clearly early arrival to site is only one important part of the equation. The failed system needs to be restored to working condition ASAP. Thermo Tech technicians are trained to expedite the repair in the minimum time frame so normal operation can be resumed. Supported by a comprehensive selection of tools, equipment and spare parts from the mobile workshop the remedy will soon be executed.

Emergency breakdown service is available to existing clients twenty four hours a day, seven days a week three hundred and sixty five days a year via 0800-177777.

Emergency Breakdown Servicing