Parasense Refrigerant Detector

Parasense GRM2 Refrigerant Detector

The GRM2 is a multi-channel gas detection monitor utilizing a unique infrared absorption technology. Monitors are available in 1, 4, 8, 12 and 16 channel configurations with a number of output

Product Features

  • Draws a sample of air through remote tubing and analyses for content of target gas and displays the results as PPM.
  • Continuous logging of samples and response to excursions above configurable alarm thresholds.
  • 1 sampling pump and alarm per channel for enhanced reliability and longevity.

Product Uses

  • Monitoring and response to leakage from various gases including: CFC, HCFC, HFC, HC, HFO, CO2 and others on request.
  • Systems employed in refrigeration, HVAC, process and military environments.

Thermotech’s Aether controller is a stand alone device dedicated to enhancing refrigeration plant energy efficiency through the optimisation of condenser fan and secondary pump control. This is achieved through motor speed control and the implementation of floating head pressure control.

Product Extensions

  • Remote shut off using cluster outputs.
  • Remote annunciation.
  • Automated alarm emails and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) using the Parasense Information Centre website.
  • Cluster I/O configurations available

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Product Catalogue

A full brochure containing all technical data and comprehensive information can be downloaded here

Parasense Refrigerant Detector