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Thermo Tech’s philosophy is to provide a total commitment to ensure that lifelong partnerships are established with all clients.

From this philosophy it follows that the creation of cost effective solutions, incorporating joint plans and procedures be put in place to allow both parties to grow profitably on a continuing basis.
Thermo Tech first came on the scene in Auckland 1992. The company was started by a collection of individuals who had previously held executive positions with a national service provider.
While the structure and the ownership of Thermo Tech has changed over time there are certain enduring factors. This is in the form of the executive guidance of Robert Smith the remaining founder of the business and his commitment to high quality customer care.

Then (as is the case now) the focus was on solving customers application dilemmas. The designs needed to fit the applications while remaining within the client’s budget. The maintenance programmes needed to be affordable and attend to the important features of the plant all in a timely manner. The emergency breakdown service needed to deliver a solution to an immediate problem in an expedient fashion and be available 24 x 7 to get the equipment working.

Thermo Tech has many clients who have been with the company since its inception. There are a number of reasons for this high level of continuity but the quality of the service provided to the client is paramount. There is no doubt from talking to our customers that their definition of true high quality customer care covers a wide range of key areas of performance. In order to determine what these key performance areas are for each and every customer some sort of dialogue needs to be entered into.

The identification of the customer’s issues can be obvious when equipment failure leads to the production line closing, the product defrosting or the mainframe computed shutting down. However, the customer’s issues are not always so obvious when designing a system to meet a particular application or specifying a specific maintenance programme for a specific piece of plant.
Thermo Tech also provides a strong commitment to its staff with a very stable workforce. In an effort to ensure the future of the company and the strength of the industry training is a significant focus. At the time of writing Thermo Tech has apprentices currently in the training system. This training commitment will be ongoing with plans to add another apprentice within the next six months.

Thermo Tech could not be considered a big company if this is determined by a head count. In addition to the two owners there are another eight employees working full time in the business. To get the job done Thermo Tech has built a number of partnerships with experts and high quality contractors in associated fields of endeavour. This combined effort enables a wide range of projects to be tackled effectively and efficiently.

Thermo Tech and its officers hold membership of the RACCA, IRHACE and ASHRAE.

Thermo Tech is the embodiment of a customer focused enterprise that combines expertise and flexibility to ensure satisfactory completion of projects. While many service businesses espouse the mantra of quality customer care few commit to delivery at all levels. When every facet of Thermo Tech’s service is satisfaction guaranteed there is no risk to ‘taking a test drive’ so call us on 0800-177777.


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