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We are proud to be working with companies like those listed below whose systems improve our ability to do our jobs and our service to the client.

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Navman GPS is a leading manufacturer of world-class sat nav technology, offering some of the best GPS navigation systems and digital drive recorders for cars, 4WD and trucks. Navman’s GPS devices include features like Smart Find, Truck Routes and the industry-first Landmark Guidance Plus

Established in 1986, the Australia/New Zealand based company holds a unique position as an electronics company, employing more than 500 staff involved in the design, development and manufacturing of products including in-car GPS devices and dashboard cameras for recording incidents like collisions or accidents. Satellite navigation technology has been a core technology for Navman’s products from inception. The company recognises the need for applications in transportation, recreation and personal information.

Navman is now an integral part of MiTAC International Corporation, and is a sister company to Magellan GPS, who design, develop and manufacture outdoor GPS products. MiTAC International Corporation (MIC) was founded in 1982 with headquarters in Taiwan. MIC is a world-class technology innovator and manufacturer with over ten thousand employees worldwide and locations in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, China and Japan. The MIC portfolio includes the Magellan, Mio and Navman GPS brands, making MIC a worldwide leader in consumer GPS products.

Find out more at www.navmanwireless.co.nz

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The JOBTRAK™ products provide a complete and sophisticated set of functions that enhance the operations of equipment servicing and project management organisations. Instant access to information about jobs, resources, customers, commitments, parts and the installed equipment base enables superb customer service and organisational efficiency.

JOBTRAK™ functional modules and broad configuration options combine to create powerful solutions for: call reception, status and resource management, escalation and messaging, asset/contract & warranty tracking, scheduling, parts control, purchasing, job & project costing, job sheets/works orders, invoices & other job documents, KPI and management reporting and integration with financial systems.

Find out more at www.ontrack.co.nz

Our Partners