If you are looking to purchase a cold room, cool room or walk in freezer in Auckland there are several matters to consider. 

First the box or cold room, this is generally constructed of polystyrene (EPS) or polyurethane sandwich panel.

Door position and size need to be carefully considered.  Whether you need glass display doors to merchandise refrigerated product or just doors for access. 

If the door is to be left open, there are many products that can mitigate the loss of refrigerated air to the local environment.  Strip curtains are opaque plastic strips that hang from a bracket on the inside of the door frame. 

Another matter to be considered is the insulated is the floor.  Medium temperature cool room can be constructed on an uninsulated concrete floor.  A walk-in freezer room will need an insulated floor.  upwards.  The whole floor can be destroyed by ice forming under the floor.

With a plan in place for the cold room construction, the next consideration is the commercial fridge refrigeration plant.  Again, we design medium temperature cool room differently from low-temperature freezer rooms

The most dynamic aspect of our industry now is the uncertainty over refrigerants.  In brief, the refrigerants that replaced the CFC’s and HCFC’s are the HFC’s.  HFC’s do not affect the ozone layer but have been found to be significant greenhouse gases.  Consequently, many countries are phasing out HFC’s and New Zealand is expected to follow. 

We recommend the Misa Series of Cool and Freezer rooms.

The refrigeration plant is designed and selected based on the product to be stored and the heat load it provides.  Products such as vegetables meat and fish require consideration of both temperature and humidity control

The cooling load can be affected by the location of the room.  For example, a cool room outside in full sunlight will receive more heat energy on a hot day than one undercover or located in a ventilated space.

With the information above we can begin calculating the maximum cooling load.  Then we calculate how many hours per day we want the refrigeration equipment to operate and select the equipment that will remove the calculated cooling load.

Location of the refrigeration equipment both within and outside of the room is important.  With a low-temperature freezer room you do not want the evaporator (cooling coil) too close to the door.

Thermo Tech have designed and installed many cold, cool room and walk in freezer rooms and have come to the conclusion that no two installations are the same. 

Thermo Tech can custom design, install and maintain a wide range of cold room, cool room and walk in freezer room solutions in Auckland.

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