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FKG 274 & 404:  Display Chest Coolers with glass lid.

Vestfrost FKG 274-404The FKG 274 and 404 display chest coolers with sliding glass lid is created to optimize sales of cold beverages in shops, on the street or at events. The castors make it effortlessly to reposition the cooler, which is also very energy efficient. The FKG series is designed to withstand being opened frequently every day while still maintaining the right temperature, which is easily monitored on the external digital display. ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001 CERTIFIED


  • Sliding glass lid
  • External digital display
  • Castors · Lock
  • Manufactured in Denmark

Vestfrost also manufacture refrigerators and freezers to suit temperature from as low as -86⁰C to +43⁰C

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Product Catalogue

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For more information on the Vestfrost range of refrigerators and freezers, contact Thermo Tech

We have cabinets in the Vestfrost range that are produced for the following applications
  • Refrigerated Display Cabinets for cooling and freezing
  • Refrigerated merchandising cabinets
  • Bottle coolers for soft drinks, Dairy products and juices
  • Wine and food coolers
  • Beer refrigerated display cabinets  with special beer temperature range  -2.5⁰C to +4⁰C
  • Low energy consumption a primary function.
  • Alternative energy driven systems such as solar powered units.
  • Cabinets for the Bio medical and pharmacy industry
  • Icepak coolers for high temp applications to +43⁰C
  • Ultra low temp freezers down to -85⁰C

FKG 274 404 Display Chest Coolers