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Manufactured in Italy.

STAFF manufacture a range of cube and flake ice machines for general commercial use as well as large systems for the marine industry both for fresh and salt water applications.

We also can supply larger systems are designed for both land plants as well as trawler installations.

STAFF also produce ice cream making machines and associated products.


Ice Machine1

These machines produce the ice at a temperature of -0,5ºc, are fed with freshwater. The range includes models with productions from 90 to 6000 kgs/ 24hrs.


  • This kind of ice is ready to be used and does not require any crushing
  • As for the fishing industry this kind of ice can be directly used on the fish without any kind of protection, improving the preservation and the humidifying of the product, which will be sold on the market with a fresher aspect, and a consequent bigger added value
  • Ideal for quick refrigeration of bottles and for cocktail making
  • Ideal for display/service/conservation/transport of fish, meat, vegetables and other foodstuff
  • With this system, installation and management of expensive depurators are not needed; production is guaranteed even in areas of hard water
  • It is possible to regulate the quantity of humidity present inside the ice in the whole series of ice-makers


For more information on the range of ICE MAKING MACHINES we have available, please contact Thermo Tech


BTM 51

Key Features

  • Beautiful exterior design
  • Rounded corners for better safety at work.
  • Long-duration stirrer with rasp blade in polyethylene
  • All parts in contact with the mix or ice-cream are in stainless steel and in non-toxic material; all are easily accessible and removable for cleaning.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene assured thanks to the washwater discharge located directly under the ice-cream production vat.
  • Command panel with Timer and reset allows the user to set the the real length of the batch freezer in relation to the type of mix.
  • Double cover for adding ingredients while the mixer is working
  • Micromagnetic device for stopping the mixer before opening the cover.
  • The vertically installed tank facilitates inspection of the mix during the working process.

For more information on the range of Ice Cream Makers we have available, please contact Thermo Tech
WIth such a wide range available, Thermo Tech will match your requirements to an ideal solution. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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