Wi Fi Data Logger System

TestoTesto Saveris 2 is the modern solution for the monitoring of storage and work rooms. The system consists of WiFi data loggers and an access to the Testo Cloud. It can be commissioned and configured easily and quickly without software installation via the Cloud. The WiFi data loggers reliably record temperature and humidity at defined intervals, and transmit the measurement values directly by wireless LAN to the Testo Cloud. The measurement values stored in the Cloud can be evaluated anywhere and any time using an internet-capable Smartphone, tablet or PC. Limit value violations are immediately reported by e-mail or optionally by SMS. The data loggers store up to 10000 measurement values per channel. The display provides information on current measurement values, limit value violations and the remaining battery life. The batteries have a lifetime of 24 months and can be exchanged by the user.

Key Features

  • Data transfer by wireless LAN
  • All measurement data always available, anywhere, on any instrument
  • Alarms when limit values are violated
  • Testo Saveris 2-T1 and -T2 DIN EN 12830 compliant
  • Free online data store (Testo Cloud)

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