Misa modular cold and freezer rooms Auckland

Misa modular cold and freezer rooms are a recent arrival in New Zealand but have been a standard part of the food industry in Europe for many years. It is the room specifically that is an improvement on the standard Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) panel type. The Misa modular room is a type of commercial refrigerated room that has pre-formed panels which fit together with a patented cam-lock system.

Misa rooms can be built in any size multiple of the 400mm internal panel width and heights of around 2000mm to 3000mm. Cold rooms can be supplied either with or without an insulated floor. The standard floor has a rating of 250kg for dynamic loading or roll-in loads. Misa rooms are supplied flat pack and can be assembled in a day or less; they can be disassembled, relocated or modified as required. Rooms can be easily extended or transferred as your business needs change. This flexibility means that Misa modular rooms hold their value better than standard EPS rooms.

Panels are made from fire retardant, high-density polyurethane in two thicknesses, 60mm for chillers and 100mm for freezers. This type of panel provides outstanding insulation properties with a lower thickness than the standard EPS panel. Misa panes have a plastic powder coat finish with internal and external rounded corners for ease of cleaning and superior hygiene. On-site the modular cool room is built from the inside so it will fit into the tightest space. The unique design requires no gluing, riveting or cutting to size as with conventional EPS rooms. Refrigeration equipment can be Misa “free block” through the wall system or the more traditional type with the remote condensing unit outside and an evaporator inside the room.

Standard hinge door sizes are 600 or 800mm right-hand hinge. Latch has a key lock and an internal release that cannot be locked. Hinges are a durable rise and fall type. MISA Commercial Cold Rooms are certified as food safe refrigeration units that are suitable for use in facilities that operate in accordance with a HACCP based Food Safety Programme. Contact Thermo Tech for the answers to any questions regarding the best location and application for Misa modular cold and freezer rooms.

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