Image Blood BankBlood bank refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes dependent on the required capacity. In the smaller sizes the blood bank refrigerator is not dissimilar to a commercial merchandiser. Generally blood is packed in a 450ml bag that is visible through a glazed door which keeps door opening to a minimum.

For the larger capacities blood is stored in cool rooms on racks. In all cases the critical criteria is constant tight temperature control. Generally blood bank refrigerators have the ability to operate at 4°C with a maximum range of plus or minus 1.5°C. Because of the tight temperature limitations blood bank refrigerators are festooned with alarms for high temperature, low temperature and door opening. In addition to this a temperature recorder indicates the systems performance in the recent past.

Planned maintenance of blood bank refrigeration is frequent and detailed in its nature. The refrigeration technician needs to carefully test the operating parameters of the system, including alarms and backup systems. This planned maintenance is designed to protect the precious product on two levels. The first level is to ensure correct performance and reliability of the refrigeration system by identifying operating parameters versus known values or values from previous maintenances. The second level is to ensure the correct operation of alarms or any backup systems so that if a failure did take place the correct safety systems would automatically initiate.

In addition to planned maintenance owners of blood bank refrigeration require fast response emergency breakdown service. Upon the initiation of an alarm there is little time to act before the product is spoilt and unfit for purpose.

Thermo Tech can design a maintenance program to specifically protect your precious product as with blood bank refrigeration. In addition to our refrigeration maintenance prowess we have some of the tightest response times in the Auckland region.

Blood Bank Refrigerator