Cotes Large Dehidifier

Commercial humidity control equipment is used throughout commerce and industry. Systems that combine mechanical-electrical equipment and operate to control air and water need periodic attention.

Most equipment fails as a result of poor or infrequent maintenance. It is a fact that planned maintenance is a fraction of the cost of unplanned failure in humidity control equipment of any description. We recommend quarterly maintenance visits for this type of equipment.

Blocked heat exchanger coils, drains other waterways are only a few of the problems that can affect the performance of humidity control equipment if planned maintenance is neglected. Therefore reliability is dependent upon planned maintenance.

Planned maintenance is a form of active insurance for product and equipment alike. A planned maintenance visit carried out by a skilled Technician will reveal any issues with the system that need attention to ensure reliability. Our Technician can predict future failure by comparing the system performance with known norms and information gathered during the inspection.

Thermo Tech can design a planned maintenance program that will protect your product and equipment alike. Combine this service with Thermo Tech superior emergency breakdown response times both product and equipment are protected.

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