EBAC BD150Whether there’s a need for fast, reliable and energy efficient drying, EBAC has the answer. In new building construction, in renovation or alteration of existing buildings, or in special circumstances such as flooding, there’s no quicker, surer or more economical way to reduce moisture without risk of damage to the building materials.Consider the alternatives. Natural drying will get the job done eventually. But the BD150 Dehumidifier Building Dryers cut natural drying times by two thirds. Drying can also be achieved by wasteful heating and venting but at what cost? No matter how extreme the conditions, The BD150’s efficiency copes comfortably. All units operate economically even on the coldest winter day and where dampness is really severe, up to 82 litres of water can be extracted from the atmosphere in just 24 hours using the BD150. The EBAC range of dryers are designed to cope with demanding site conditions, spending their time on hire. Earning you money year after year.

Simplicity of operation is one of the major benefits of the BD150 range. To dry out any building you need only to check that all doors and windows are closed, wheel the unit to a convenient location, connect to the supply and press the start button. Drainage of condensate from the machine is equally simple either by connecting a hose to the drainage spout and leading it to a drain, or by placing a container under the spout.

Ebac also provide special products for the timber industry and Defence Force applications.

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Over 150 litres per day special desiccant units are also available on application.