UpGrading Commercial Hvac System

Upgrading A Commercial HVAC System

Even with the most stringent maintenance schedule and frequent upkeep, HVAC systems do eventually need to be upgraded. Improved performance, higher energy savings and an optimised system are all the benefits you as a business owner can enjoy when you consider upgrading your HVAC in Auckland with a reliable service provider. However, many have to take into consideration the cost and convenience of doing this because it not simply a quick exercise. 

Businesses may have to budget, schedule time in and decide between different packages offered by various service providers. This can leave some feeling rather conflicted about choosing to upgrade or if they even need too. However, deciding against a replacement can also ultimately have negative consequences. Not only does a malfunctioning or out-of-use HVAC system pose a threat to your employees and work environment, but it can also lead to costly energy bills because of it’s poor performance. 

Here are the warning signs you may need an upgrade, soon. 

Sudden Increase In Energy Billings 

If you have maintained consistent billings for your energy use over time and notice a sudden increase, it can be an indication that your HVAC system is overworking. Calling out a qualified technician will help you diagnose the cause of the increase. Sometimes it can be due to clogged filters, but if you find yourself calling out for help more often because of expensive bills, it’s time to consider a replacement. 

More Repairs Needed 

Likewise, if you find your system tends to keep malfunctioning and is in need of frequent repair work, it can highlight that it’s time for an upgrade. Over time, repairs can become more costly than a replacement so it’s worth doing a cost analysis to determine if it’s a feasible idea to keep calling out a technician to service your system. 

Inconsistent Temperatures

Having to constantly fiddle with settings to change temperatures around the office is usually a sign that your HVAC is not working optimally. Areas that are too hot or too cold can indicate that your system may be starting to deteriorate. Consulting with a professional can help you determine what the fault is and can give you more information on solutions to the problem. 

Increasingly Noisy System  

An obvious sign in any commercial space that the HVAC system requires dire upgrading is if it becomes increasingly noisy in a short period. While operational, most HVAC systems are relatively quiet with minimal noise output but once this changes, it can be detrimental to your workforce’s productivity and can start impacting your business negatively. 

Still not sure whether your business needs an upgrade to your HVAC in Auckland? A professional technician can quickly determine what your next step is with a comprehensive system inspection. Give us a call at Thermo Tech to help you find the most efficient solution for your space.

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