Commercial refrigeration maintenance

Commercial Refrigerator ServicingThe routine maintenance of refrigeration equipment is designed to focus on ensuring the reliability, efficiency and longevity of the equipment. For example the majority of equipment has an air cooled condenser circulating ambient air all the time refrigeration is in operation. Dust particles and foreign material deposit on the condenser which dramatically reduces the effectiveness of the refrigeration system. Efficiency can be compromised by an even slightly soiled condenser. In severe cases dirty condensers lead to expensive component failure.

The speed at which the condensers soil is dependent on the cleanliness of the local environment so each site can be different. We inspect, clean and report on the soiling of the air cooled condenser and advise when a major strip clean required. Maintenance frequency must take into account soiling speed and be flexible enough to respond if conditions change.

We flush out the condensate drain and add a chemical tablet to ensure there is no stagnant water sitting in the drain. This will ensure the system is always hygienic and prevent mould and yeast growing in the drain leading to a blockage.

Other checks that are standard for commercial refrigeration are gaskets, door furniture, thermometer, insulation, sight glass for moisture and refrigerant charge, sight glass for oil level and wiring connections.

Thermo Tech tailor a maintenance programs to suit your equipment, operation and budget. Each maintenance visit is followed up with a comprehensive report and check list that provides valuable information on the condition of the plant.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance