Commercial Fridge & Refrigeration

Refrigeration in the commercial environment is all about money. Whether you are retailing, manufacturing or processing with refrigeration & fridge you need an effective solution that is affordable, reliable and economical. You need the best value for money solution.

Commercial refrigeration can take many forms. From a merchandising cabinet that displays product in a retail environment to refrigeration in the back of the business for storage.

Commercial refrigeration is designed to make you money by effectively displaying and preserving your precious product.
There are many considerations when selecting a commercial fridge for merchandising. Effective and efficient display to optimise the position of the product in relation to the customer. Efficient use of power and equipment reliability in the range of New Zealand environmental conditions.

The build quality can be variable now that equipment is sourced worldwide. When considering a commercial fridge price should be one of many features that need attention. Other features such as warranty period, spare parts availability and technical support need to be considered carefully.

Because of the wide range of options available you need to get the right advice from the experienced team at Thermo Tech regarding equipment choice, application, maintenance and business fit. Considering the size of the financial investment it is logical to take care with your choice to ensure the correct fit.

Maintenance is an important consideration because all commercial fridge & refrigeration requires attention even if it is operating satisfactorily. Regular maintenance improves reliability and extends service life of your commercial fridge. Often the cost of annual maintenance is less than the cost of a single repair if the equipment is neglected.

Contact Thermo Tech for free advice on what options will best suit your needs.

What is commercial refrigeration?

Commercial refrigeration is any refrigeration process used in a business. There are many different applications for commercial refrigeration in business. The obvious applications are food and beverage manufacture, supply and storage, and delivery to the consumer. There are also many non-food related applications for commercial refrigeration in businesses.

What is the difference between commercial and industrial refrigeration?

Industrial refrigeration generally refers to large scale operations. Large food processors, and large cool or freezer rooms. These large Industrial systems tend to use different equipment and refrigerants, such as ammonia. Commercial refrigeration systems can be as small as a freezer you would have at home, through to a cool room so large a fork hoist is necessary to handle the product.

What is an evaporator in refrigeration?

The evaporator is the heat exchanger inside the refrigerated space. The evaporator absorbs heat because there is a temperature difference between it and the refrigerated space. Refrigerant will enter the evaporator in liquid form, and boils, because it is subject to a lower pressure. It is in the process of boiling the refrigerant and therefore the evaporator absorbs heat.

Commercial Refrigeration