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The Advantages Of Installing A Commercial Dehumidifier

Humidity control in the office can have a significant role to play in how your employees function, impacting their workplace environment. Varying levels in humidity not only affect your employees’ health but also can have detrimental effects on important electrical equipment that may require temperature control to avoid overheating. In a high-humidity environment, staff may feel lethargic, develop skin irritations and even frustrating headaches which will affect their work. This coupled with short-circuiting equipment, your office can quickly become unproductive affecting your business output. 

And similarly, in low-humidity environments, there are also negative outcomes as well. You may find staff complaining more frequently of dry eyes and irritable nasal passages, causing strain on their work and performance. But it can also create a static build-up, leading to sudden electrical shocks. Although not a major problem, it can become irritating to work with all these frustrations. This is usually found more in cooler climate countries, but can still become a regular occurrence during winter months. Now the question becomes, how do you alter the humidity in a commercial space to an optimal level to only have positive effects? 

One way to manage the humidity within the office space is to install a dehumidifier which can control the amount of air and moisture in an office space. It can prevent mould or mildew outbreaks, encouraging good airflow and providing employees with a favourable environment to work in. These are some of the advantages of installing a commercial dehumidifier which can be enjoyed within your business. 

Eliminates Condensation Build-Up 

Bathrooms and kitchen areas are often the main sources of condensation in a commercial space and can lead to blistering paint and excessive dampness throughout. A dehumidifier will quickly eliminate this build-up, ensuring that there isn’t unnecessary moisture around the building. 

Remove Unpleasant Odours 

Offices rarely have a pleasant smell, because furniture usually stays stationary and windows are kept closed and that creates musty odours which increase fast. Although opening windows and doing a thorough deep clean every few months may help to remove the smell, a dehumidifier can do the job almost instantaneously. A fresh-smelling office is more enjoyable to be in which can be encouraging to employees and customers. 

Prioritising Your Employees Health 

Dehumidifiers work to remove allergens, mould and moisture from the air around the office. These are all contributions that can cause respiratory issues for employees, aggravating existing conditions such as asthma and accelerating the seasonal cold or flu around the office. 

At Thermo Tech, we are specialists in humidity control and have a wide variety of well-known brands that offer superior filtration and purification. Our team is equipped to evaluate your business needs, provide expert service and warranty on our workmanship. Speak to us today, to determine how to find an affordable and high-quality solution for your commercial space. 

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