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Air Conditioning Hygiene

Air Conditioning Hygiene

We have a laboratory client who operates many individual air conditioning systems at their Auckland facility. Our client knows the importance of air conditioning hygiene, so we carry out a monthly cleaning regimen on a portion of their systems. We strip, clean and sanitise the internal components of the airside of the indoor unit (IDU).

Each air conditioner IDU processes many cubic meters of air per hour. All have filters that remove large particles from the air before it enters the IDU, but these are not 100% efficient. Even if the filter was 99% efficient (none in common use are) then that 1% of detritus would pass through the IDU soiling the internal componentry.

The more the detritus builds up on the componentry the more is attracted snowballing the problem. Eventually, if left unattended the IDU becomes so badly soiled that the air passing trough is contaminated by the detritus inside the air conditioner.

In addition to the loss of hygiene, the efficiency of the air conditioning system is compromised, leading to increased power consumption and shortening the life of the equipment.

But the most important issue is hygiene, the air in the air-conditioned space is being contaminated because the IDU is dirty inside. If the air-conditioning is in a communal area, then many people are potentially exposed to this contaminated air.

Generally, in the commercial environment, the air conditioner IDU is out of sight and out of mind. Typical locations are above the ceiling or even on the roof. The domestic/light commercial type of system that you can see, that are wall or under ceiling mounted provide tell-tale signs of contamination, but these often go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

Our Technicians inspect the IDU hygiene as part of the routine maintenance visit. If the IDU is soiled then stripping, cleaning and sanitising of the internal IDU air side components are recommended. This is a straight-forward job but can be labour intensive depending on the severity of the soiling.

If you have any concerns regarding the cleanliness of your air conditioning system just call Thermo Tech on 0800-177777 and ask for a maintenance.


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