Air Conditioning Maintenance: The Three Keys

We focus on three key areas when we carry out maintenance on air conditioning equipment, including commercial ducted air conditioning. When these three things are put together, they add up to complete customer satisfaction – that is our highest priority. 

The first and foremost focus in our minds is the well-being of everyone working in the building. While heating or cooling, your indoor air conditioning unit circulates room air through the interior. Because of this, we clean and sanitise the unit’s filter during our maintenance visit, as it’s designed to remove larger particles from the air. We inspect and report on any soiling within the indoor unit and advise on when a major strip clean and sanitise might be required. We then flush out the condensate drain and add a chemical tablet to make sure there’s no stagnant water sitting in the drain or indoor unit. All this keeps the system hygienic and safe and improves the air-conditioned environment rather than detracting from it.

Our second focus is the reliability of the equipment. By cleaning and sanitising the component parts (particularly the moving parts) we extend the life of the system. Our aim is to perform preventative maintenance during this part of the process – by identifying potential problems we will save you time, trouble and very costly equipment failure. When outdoor air conditioning units are supplied by the manufacturer, they come with varying degrees of corrosion protection. The life span of each unit is largely dependent on the quality of this protection and environmental factors e.g. proximity to the ocean or corrosive elements. If corrosion is left unattended, the lifecycle of the unit is drastically reduced. So, during our annual maintenance visit, your outdoor units are inspected for signs of corrosion and other issues.

Finally, the third focus is on compliance under the Building Act. Thermo Tech is registered as Independent Qualified Persons (IQP) under the Act to inspect commercial air conditioning systems and mechanical ventilation for the purposes of the Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF). This annual inspection and any other inspections leading up to it will be included in the maintenance program we design for you.

These are the three keys to keeping your commercial air conditioning working, your air quality high, and your people healthy. Contact us and we’ll implement those three steps in your new and improved air conditioning maintenance programme.