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The Best Use Of Your Commercial Fridge In Summer

During summer, business owners may have difficulty with the performance of their commercial fridges as they become more susceptible to the heat. Special care needs to be taken in hotter months, to ensure that fridges remain in optimal working condition with consistent cooling. Food items can go off much quicker, fresh produce can become mouldy which is a health hazard and your equipment can break down much easier if it’s been overworking in the heat. 

Any malfunctions can result in potential inventory losses for your business as well as a decrease in your profitability. Having to throw out expired products, losing customers and having unexpected repair bills – can be detrimental to your business. Here are some ways business owners can optimise their use of a commercial fridge in summer to increase its lifespan and keep it functioning as it should. 

1) Call Out A Professional

Even if you had not scheduled a service at the beginning of summer, you still can and you should. A professional technician can quickly assess the performance of a commercial fridge, noting any potential problems and help to resolve them. Hinges can be replaced, doors can be lined up and motors can be checked to ensure sufficient cooling. Although this can look like another unnecessary bill, regular maintenance and servicing help to keep your commercial fridge working. Equipment is an important asset and business owners should not underestimate the value of frequent upkeep as it can have a positive effect on your earnings. Problems that arise due to poor maintenance can lead to further costly repair bills in the future and possibly even replacement, which may not be an expense you budgeted for.

2) Encourage Efficient Use

Sometimes employees and customers can be negligent when it comes to equipment on business premises and use it carelessly. Encourage the best use of it, by asking employees to ensure they seal doors properly after packing stock and doing inventory checks. Putting up signage asking customers to ensure they close doors after selecting their choices is also a good solution to eradicate misuse. Even though it may seem overly finicky of a business owner, most individuals will not mind adhering to these requests. 

3) Organise To Optimise

It’s important to keep a commercial fridge clean for hygiene purposes and this should be done regularly to ensure that old stock isn’t shoved in the back and also allows you to take note of the condition of your fridge. By reorganising a commercial fridge, any areas of inconsistent cooling can be determined quickly. Ice can indicate a worsening problem with the airflow and spills from produce should be wiped down to avoid sanitation issues. The organisation, however, does not only apply to the inside of a commercial fridge but also the area physically surrounding it. Poor ventilation and overheating can often be attributed to a heavily packed area around a commercial fridge, so there needs to be sufficient space around such equipment for it to work efficiently. 

With years of experience in the industry, Thermo Tech has seen many businesses suffer from improper use of their commercial fridges and freezers during summer. And although high-performing equipment is designed to work under extreme conditions, these precautionary measures must be taken to ensure that your fridge works well, all-year-round. For a consultation on your commercial fridge, contact us today for affordable service and expert advice. 

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