Commercial Air Conditioning System

Servicing Tips for a Commercial Air Conditioning System

Regular maintenance and servicing of your commercial air conditioning system are essential to help you avoid costly problems and issues in the future. When the weather warms up, you need to be sure that your air conditioning system is ready to manage the indoor temperature of your office. But, don’t wait until summer before you take care of the maintenance for the system. Right now is a great time to schedule a consultation with an experienced team, ensuring that you are ready to go when the weather gets warm.

Here are a few tips that can be used to protect your commercial air conditioning system and reduce the risk of expensive repairs in the future:

Tip #1: Clean the Vents and Replace the Filters

Every HVAC system is designed with built-in filters and vents. Over time, these areas of the unit can start to collect mould, bacteria, pollen, dirt, and dust. If the filter or vent becomes blocked, then it puts a strain on the mechanical parts in the unit.

Talk to your HVAC servicing team for recommendations about the frequency of filter replacements for your unit. The easiest solution is to maintain regular inspections and tune-ups.

Tip #2: Keep the Condensing Unit Clear

Know where the condensing unit is located so that you can keep the equipment free of obstruction. This area is where the air conditioner needs to pull in the air that moves through the system. Avoid placing objects or furniture in front of the condensing unit in a way that would constrict air flow. Reducing strain is essential to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the air conditioning system.

Tip #3: Don’t Overload the System

It might be tempting to adjust the thermostat to the lowest setting if you are trying to cool the room quickly. But, it isn’t a good idea to put this much strain on the commercial air conditioning system. Additionally, using the coldest setting won’t cool the building faster. Instead, set the right temperature and know that careful use of the thermostat can affect the wear and wear on the system. Additionally, avoiding big changes on the thermostat can be helpful to manage the utility expenses.

If you have questions about your commercial HVAC system, then the best solution is to lean on the experience offered by a trusted team: Thermo Tech. We are a family-owned company, serving businesses in the Auckland area. Call today for a consultation.

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