Air Conditioning

Commercial Premises Need Commercial Air Conditioning

Take it from us. Commercial air conditioning is a highly specialised field, and it is quite different from domestic, industrial and process air conditioning. That is why we encourage you to contact commercial air conditioning specialists like us instead of looking at a generic solution. 

Commercial air conditioning must meet several key requirements, and these are largely to do with the health, comfort and productivity of everyone within the space. The three main functions that meet these needs are heating, cooling and ventilation. While many providers can manage the heating and cooling functions at a very basic level, the complexity of the systems needed to operate effectively within a larger commercial building is beyond them. And then, there’s the ventilation component which really does require a specialised approach. Not many companies can offer this function on the scale that we do.

Effective ventilation brings outdoor air to an internal space. This delivers oxygen-rich air where it is needed most and flushes away the products of human respiration, namely carbon dioxide and moisture. There are other significant benefits too: the dilution of odours and removing pollutants and other emissions present in the space, to name just two. Functions as important as these need expert design and installation, and again, not everyone can do this.

For all of these reasons, we’re still surprised that people think that their commercial air conditioning needs can be met by domestic providers. In seeking out air conditioning companies with a limited service range, they’re overlooking the essential factors that we’ve mentioned above. Instead, they’re happy to opt for a generic solution that might work well in a domestic setting but won’t operate nearly so well in a commercial one. It’s a recipe for an unhealthy, uncomfortable and lethargic space. 

Remember, commercial air conditioning must meet three primary requirements: health, comfort and productivity. An off-the-shelf solution is no answer at all. That’s why we have a design team that we put to work on every air conditioning project. They will visit the proposed space on existing buildings, or study the plans for proposed buildings, to ensure the commercial air conditioning system they propose fully meets the needs of everyone. 

At the end of the day, commercial premises need commercial air conditioning. It’s as simple as that! So when it’s time to invest in a system, do it properly by contacting us first.