commercial refrigeration care during covid 19

Commercial Refrigeration care during COVID-19

Commercial Refrigeration care during COVID-19

Care tips and advice for lockdown Alert level 3 and 4.

If your business is closed during the lockdown and you have refrigeration equipment operating, this is for you.

Commercial refrigeration, whether operating above or below freezing requires constant monitoring to ensure the integrity of the stored product. If you have locked your business up and have refrigeration equipment operating a regimen of checks should be carried out as often as possible. Daily would be best, every other day helpful or weekly minimum.

Log-Temperature-First check the internal temperature of the refrigerator or cool/freezer room. Do this before you open the door and write down the reading. If the equipment has a digital readout on the controller best practice is to back that up with an analogue thermometer inside. Take a note of both temperature readings and the time at which they were taken. This temperature log will serve as a record that will provide a history record.

Look-Open the door and look for anything out of the ordinary. Is there any ice build-up on the cooling coil? Is there any water leaking on the product or the floor? Is there any condensation inside the refrigerated space that might lead to mould?

Listen-For unusual noises inside and outside the refrigerated space and where the condensing unit is located if a ‘remote’ system.

Other useful tips for this time:

  • Switch off refrigeration not in use, consolidate product so you are using minimum refrigerated space.
  • If the equipment has internal or display lighting, switch it off to save power.
  • If the equipment is powered by an extension lead or multi-box, try to eliminate by moving it closer to the power point.
  • Make sure the refrigerated product is stacked in a way that air can circulate.
  • Make sure the external refrigeration machine has plenty of cool air ventilation. This is particularly important in premises that are closed-up with integral refrigerators operating.
  • Make sure refrigerator doors close properly and the seals are in good condition.
  • Protect commercial refrigerators located in direct sunlight or adjacent to heat producing equipment.

We are working from home and providing service to essential businesses during this time so if you have any questions call Thermo Tech 0800 177 777 and we will be happy to help.



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