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How To Determine When To Replace A Commercial Fridge

A commercial fridge can be an important part of your business, and such types of industrial equipment need to always be in optimal working condition, for the best performance and productivity. Unfortunately, though hardworking commercial fridges also need to be serviced regularly and even with correct maintenance schedules in place, equipment often comes with a lifespan. Once that limit has been reached, even with continuous servicing, replacement may be the best financial decision for you and your business. 

Daily operations can be severely impacted by a worn-down commercial fridge and equipment that is not working at the most efficient level and is a liability for any business. End of life dates should be adhered to and considered significantly. Instead of continuing to spend more and more financial resources on repair work for a commercial fridge, you may find that replacement can be more cost-effective in the long-run. Although keeping to the recommended manufacturer’s lifespan is a good method of usage, there can be other warning signs that can alert you to a serious problem. 

Despite there being a number of factors which can influence your replacement decision, these can be two of the most the significant reasons to purchase a new commercial fridge. 

Inconsistent Cooling 

If even after servicing and repairs on major parts of a commercial fridge, the cooling is still inconsistent – it may be time for a replacement. This can become a business risk as it compromises the quality of products on offer to customers. Fluctuating temperatures that cannot be maintained can point to several sources, such as faulty gaskets and damaged hinges. But if every source of the problem has been serviced or repaired, then you may need to consider the purchasing of a replacement for your business. 

Energy Efficiency And Savings 

Older models that still work well can be a value-adding asset to your business, but as they draw near to their end-of-life usage recommendation or lifespan, a newer model may be a better investment. That’s because newer models have innovative technology that positively impacts the energy efficiency of the appliance. And higher energy efficiency rates can have substantial cost-savings for your business. 

However, as a business owner, sometimes replacements can seem more costly right now. We advise assessing the maintenance and servicing costs you have incurred on your current commercial fridge over the last two years. Evaluating how many stock losses took place due to its malfunctioning or being in repairs, that you had to undertake as well. These can provide you with the information to compare the cost of a replacement versus the cost of continuous servicing. For refrigeration advice and support, to speak to a professional or make a sales enquiry – contact Thermo Tech for your commercial fridge requirements.

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