Tired of damp cold air, crying windows? Our Energy Recovery Ventilator unit (your best HVAC partner) has got your back. Customized options available to cover different areas. Our energy recovery ventilation systems comply with NZ standards and supersede the efficiency of other supplied units.

Energy Recovery Ventilation is not the same as your usual positive pressure ventilation system used in houses. The Energy recovery ventilation system transfers heat and humidity from the inside air being exhausted out of the space. To the new, fresh incoming air. No more wasting your heating energy. Or pumping cold damp air into your house or commercial space from the ceiling or from outside. They are far more effective and efficient ventilation systems that are gaining popularity and setting trends in the market worldwide.

How is this better?

  • Comfortable fresh air
  • Clean fresh air
  • High-efficiency air purification
  • Extreme silence and simple installation with touch display
  • Excellent Energy Saving using EC fans
  • High-efficiency counterflow heat exchangers (efficiency up to 95%)
  • Keeps your home dry and cosy


What’s new and different?

Additional to domestic usage and small spaces, these systems are used for commercial applications like office buildings, commercial shops, laboratory, supermarkets, processing rooms, temperature-controlled environments where energy saving is the prime requirement.

In commercial buildings where the requirement is not just limited to positive ventilation but retaining heat and regulating moisture, Energy Recovery Ventilators stand out as winner on building enclosure durability since the unit provides balanced airflow they do not contribute to the pressurization/depressurization of the building. ERVs control indoor humidity levels by exhausting damp indoor air, reducing the risk of condensation on windows and cool indoor surfaces that could lead to mould growth and moisture damage. The compact units feature enhanced thermal comfort by reducing drafts that can cause thermal discomfort by preheating outdoor ventilation air. However, as the heat transfer is always less than 100% the system must be carefully designed to ensure the outdoor air is introduced into each room in a way that does not cause problems.

How does this work?

  • Effective Ventilation. Introduces outdoor air into indoors, whilst expelling the indoor stale air to outdoor but maintaining the temperature and humidity.
  • High efficient energy recovery. The built-in highly efficient heat exchanger can recover the energy from outgoing indoor air to coming fresh air while ventilating. It can recover over 70% of energy.
  • It is designed with a worldwide fashionable structure and manufactured with the use of accurate mouldings. According to the principle of hydrokinetics, it achieves the perfect silent effect by using the micro-punch anechoic technology.
  • Air filtration and purification. The inner air filters are professionally designed to remove the pollutants from the incoming air, providing fresh and clean air.
  • By-pass function enables the unit to switch to natural ventilation in suitable climates, prolonging the service life of the heat exchanger.
  • High airproof feature and easy maintenance. Additionally, it will ensure the outdoor air and exhaust air are completely separated, avoiding any cross-contamination.



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