How To Maintain Energy Efficiency

There’s heightened awareness around issues of sustainability, environmental impacts and energy efficiency. We see that reflected in the number of enquiries we receive about our commercial refrigeration products. Our range of commercial refrigeration equipment is world-class and in keeping with modern manufacturing standards, it’s highly energy efficient as well. This makes them cheaper to operate while leaving a reduced carbon footprint – for many of our customers, that is just as important as performance. 

However, even a product made with the best intentions is likely to become less energy efficient over time if it is not serviced regularly. It’s the same with any piece of commercial refrigeration equipment. If you invest in a product with energy efficiency in mind, you need to look after it – you’re wasting money and reducing the efficiency of the appliance if you don’t. 

Our refrigeration maintenance service focuses on maintaining the reliability, longevity, and efficiency of the equipment. An example we commonly share with our clients is how an air-cooled condenser has to circulate ambient air while the refrigeration equipment is in operation. Dust and foreign material can build up on the condenser over time which will dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the refrigeration system. A slightly soiled condenser can compromise the efficiency of the equipment, while very dirty condensers lead to expensive component failure. All the time, the energy efficiency of the equipment is gradually diminishing. 

The rate at which the condensers soil depends on the cleanliness of the local environment, so each site is different. As part of our service, we inspect, clean and report on the condition of the air-cooled condenser and advise when a major strip clean is needed. The frequency of our maintenance visits depends on soiling speed yet we need to be able to respond if conditions change.

The condensate drain is another area that requires an inspection. This ensures there is no stagnant water sitting in the low-lying areas, as well as maintaining a high level of hygiene and preventing mould and yeast from growing in the drain. Other standard checks include gaskets, door furniture, thermometer, insulation, sight glass for moisture and refrigerant charge, sight glass for oil level and wiring connections. It’s well worth it, as 12 months of maintenance often costs less than one repair.

In summary, if you’re after energy-efficient commercial refrigeration that will last for many years, contact us.  We have the equipment and, just as crucially, we can service it on a regular basis to maintain that efficiency.