Maintaining Commercial Refrigerator

Improving The Performance And Operational Lifespan Of Your Commercial Fridge

A commercial fridge in good working condition is an asset to your business because it can consistently service your business without compromising on the quality of your produce. While these types of equipment are built to run effectively over long periods, they are subject to breakdowns if not maintained and cleaned properly. Often, business owners dismiss the recommended maintenance schedule or ignore the helpful manuals, but this can be an expensive decision in the future. 

Repairing or replacing a commercial fridge does not only result in costly bills, but it can also lead to a loss of business due to the downtime. Thermo Tech has created a useful guide to utilise when maintaining your commercial fridge, that can avoid any negative impacts on your business later on. 

Prioritise Maintenance

With busy schedules, business owners can often neglect the maintenance of their equipment, and this includes their commercial fridges. However, while implementing a maintenance schedule may seem like a tedious exercise, it can be a cost-saving initiative. Worn out seals, low gaskets, and cold air escaping are some of the warning signs that a commercial fridge is in dire need of repair and maintenance. Not only can these problems escalate, damaging the fridge further, but they can also end up using more energy. 

Organise Effectively 

Another important aspect of maintaining an operational commercial fridge, often quickly dismissed, is how it is organised. This, in turn, can affect your produce and compromise the quality of your products on sale. Overpacking a commercial fridge can diminish the quality of airflow and circulation. And this results in inconsistent cooling within a commercial fridge, which decreases the quality and shelf-life of produce. 

Clean Up Properly 

Wiping down shelves regularly can decrease the possibility of ice build-up and the spread of bacteria. The build-up of ice makes commercial fridges work harder to circulate cool air properly. Packing meat products in a commercial fridge should always be done with care, as spills can result in cross-contamination. But the other advantage of cleaning up frequently is that it allows business owners a chance to thoroughly inspect their commercial fridges for any possible problems such as misaligned doors. 

Any business should always aim to lengthen the lifespan of their equipment because of the benefits it will have on their productivity and growth. This should be no different for the often-ignored commercial fridge. By speaking to a reputable service provider, you can determine how often your fridge should be maintained and serviced to prolong its life and improve its performance. Thermo Tech offers a wide range of refrigeration solutions and provides maintenance support to give you peace of mind with our professional service. Contact us today for expert advice to best assist your business.

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