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We offer a lot of services, including refrigeration, humidity and air conditioning servicing. We also handle ventilation system maintenance for clients all over Auckland and that is one of the most important services of all. When you read what ventilation systems do, and the consequences if they break down, you’ll understand why.

Ventilation systems are used in a variety of applications around Auckland, including domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. It’s not uncommon for multiple systems to operate in a single building which is not surprising when you see what they’re designed to do i.e protect workers from noxious fumes, control indoor air quality and manage humidity

You’ll surely agree that all of those things are vitally important. So when a ventilation system fails through a lack of ongoing maintenance, the consequences can be severe. They can range from significant discomfort at best, and at worst, they could include asphyxiation or poisoning of the building’s occupants. Alarmingly, some failures can remain undetected for a long time. This can result in unhealthy, unsanitary or highly dangerous conditions in the occupied space. Many people suffering from unexplained health conditions could be living or working in poorly ventilated spaces. But without proper maintenance of their ventilation systems, they’d be unaware of this and their health will continue to deteriorate.

Most ventilation systems fail as a result of poor or infrequent maintenance. Budgetary constraints are often cited as reasons for this but it’s a false economy. Take it as a fact that planned maintenance is a fraction of the cost of unplanned failure, especially with complex equipment like ventilation systems. That’s why we recommend annual maintenance visits as a bare minimum.

Your ventilation system is more likely to break down when filters become blocked or fan impellers and ducting become soiled. They’re just a few of the problems that lead to the failure of your ventilation system, but it’s almost certain to stop working properly when maintenance is neglected. The alternative is to keep your system in excellent condition, and we’ll handle that for you.

Planned and regular maintenance visits carried out by one of our skilled technicians will uncover any issues with the system that need urgent attention. Our technicians are highly trained and predict future failure by comparing the system performance with known norms and information gathered during the inspection. On the other hand, you can ignore your ventilation system, wait for it to break down and pay for a costly repair – while endangering the health of others at the same time. We think your best bet is to contact us at Thermo Tech and we’ll design a planned maintenance program for your ventilation system.

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