Rooftop Package Systems: All In One Comfort

Commercial heating and cooling for large open areas can present a stern challenge. Businesses like supermarkets, showrooms, fast food restaurants and retail outlets all have an obligation to keep their customers and employees comfortable but in these big and cavernous spaces, it has always been easier said than done. Until now, that is! 

We supply, install and service Temperzone Ducted Packaged units, or rooftop units. They combine both the indoor and outdoor units of a ‘split’ system, all in one unit or ‘package’. A packaged system is usually located on a rooftop and in close vicinity to the area being air-conditioned. This proximity greatly increases both the efficiency and performance of the unit.

Our ducted air conditioning packages from Temperzone are best suited for large, single-level buildings and are less suitable for multi-storey buildings. (Don’t worry, we have some world-class air conditioning solutions if you are in a commercial building with more than one level). The main attributes and benefits of our ducted package units include: 

  • Perfect in buildings with little or no space in the roof compartment or wall.
  • Air distribution into large, open areas from one source to multiple outlets.
  • Numerous ducted air distribution options are available, from a few large, central air outlets to multiple diffusers.
  • Fresh air introduction is optional and can help to manage air quality. Economisers can be fitted to increase efficiency and reduce operation costs by
    utilising outside air for cooling purposes.
  • Even with a large system, noise in the air-conditioned space is minimal thanks to the outdoor location of the main operating unit.
  • Servicing occurs outside leaving customer service and hygiene-critical environments uninterrupted.
  • Adaptability in the manufacture of Temperzone Ducted Packaged units provides a standard or customized product range to suit your specific applications.

Of course, along with the supply and installation of these brilliant Temperzone systems, the commercial air conditioning experts at Thermotech can maintain and service them. This will ensure they continue to operate at optimum levels. However, given the superb reliability of these units, minimal servicing and maintenance are required. Yet another reason why we rate Temperzone Ducted Packaged units so highly when it comes to the cooling and heating of large and open spaces. Contact us and we’ll be delighted to tell you more.