Commercial Air Conditioning Installation for Gym Facility

Our Recent Commercial Project – Thermo Tech

Another Successful Commercial Air Control Project – Panmure Based Gym

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. And if I wrote a thousand plus words you wouldn’t read it. So instead here are just a few words about what we have been up to lately. 

We recently under took a job for a long-time client on their commercial building.

Previously temperature control in this large building was preformed by 14 Air Conditioning systems. Roof top package units and ducted split systems with a vintage of nearly 30 years. And a combined cooling capacity of around 275kW’s.  

The buildings tenants and therefore the buildings use, and requirements changed. Which was a perfect opportunity to upgrade the entire HVAC system.

Now used as a gym the HVAC system needed to supply outside air ventilation and cooling for up to 300 hot body’s (Pun intended)

First order of business: Demo and remove the old systems from the building.

Then we had a MONSTER crane with a 60-meter boom visit us, to drop our two new roof top package units into position. X2 (NZ made) Temperzone OPA960. 96kW’s of cooling capacity each, with two digital variable speed compressors each, EC plug fans, and economizer set up for free cooling (100% outside air supply) on those cold days/nights. Along with a sophisticated control system to operate both units in unison and fully adjustable/programable PLC software that can be accessed and adjusted from anywhere via the internet.

Now, to give you some scope. Your average home wall mounted heat pump for your living space would be about 5kW’s of capacity. These units together provide 192kW’s of heat exchange capacity for this building.

We then finished off the job with some extravagant industrial style exposed duct work that even John McClane would be happy to spend his Christmas crawling around inside of (Die Hard Reference) This duct work is important to provide an even distribution of ventilated cool air to the entire internal space.

The end result is a happy customer and hundreds of cool gym body’s.

Our team is poised and ready for the next project they can sink their teeth into!

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