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The Smelly Sign That All Is Not Well In The Fridge

In summer you want to be sure your commercial refrigeration is working at its best. This is not the time of year for breakdowns! You’re busy, you have customers to keep happy, and you have to rely on your commercial fridge to keep food and drinks at just the right temperature. 

We’re always available to give your commercial refrigeration a comprehensive service to ensure it’s in the best possible shape before the sunny season. It’s probably been a while since you’ve had it professionally serviced, so it’s very much a timely case of better late than never.  But there are some signs that will indicate to you that you need to call us sooner rather than later, and strange smells coming from the fridge is just one of them.

That unpleasant odour from your refrigerator could obviously be an indication that the food in it has spoilt, and this points to a problem with the fridge. However, it may not be the food in the fridge that is causing the bad smell. In fact, it could be the fridge itself that stinks.

For example, the smell could be coming from a damaged filter or a build-up of debris or water inside the drainage system of the fridge. If it’s a burning odour you’re noticing, it might be an accumulation of dust and dirt around the condenser coils at the back of the unit. Or, if the smell is chemical in nature it possibly indicates that your commercial refrigerator is leaking gases.

There are other signs that strongly hint all is not well with your commercial refrigerator. Strange noises or a louder than normal operating sound are common symptoms of a faulty fridge, as is ice, frost or condensation build-up, as well as an inability to keep a constant temperature.  

Even if things seem perfectly normal and functional with your commercial refrigeration right now, it might not be the case in the near future. If that near future includes the summer rush, then that poses a major problem, not to mention the inconvenience. Take the “better safe than sorry” approach and get in touch with us. We’ll happily inspect your refrigeration and give you an honest appraisal – we won’t create fictional problems where they don’t exist. If everything is fine and your commercial refrigeration is able to withstand a busy summer, we’ll tell you. So really, you have nothing to lose by contacting us. It might save you a lot of dramas in the warmer weeks and months ahead.   

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