We’ll Heat Your Entire Home This Winter

At Thermo Tech, we’re well known for our commercial and industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation solutions. We are experienced and skilled at working on these large scale projects, and that is why commercial and industrial organisations trust us with the big stuff.

However, we are just as comfortable working in light commercial and residential areas as well. For example, we install domestic heat pumps, such as high wall, cassette and floor console heat pumps. We’re also installing more ducted heat pump systems as they gain popularity and people begin to appreciate the advantages they offer.

One of the biggest benefits is that a ducted system can heat an entire home from one central unit. This is a much more efficient way to do it rather than relying on different systems in each room of the house. The ducted system makes life so much easier: heating (or cooling in summer) is operated from one unit, and each room is heated (or cooled) to the same temperature. There are no more uncomfortable “hot and cold zones” throughout the house. Instead, you enjoy constant and consistent comfort,

A ducted heat pump system is suitable for pretty much every type of home. While it is ideal for a larger house with a lot of rooms to heat, such a system can be installed anywhere there is adequate room for the machinery and ductwork. This can be above the ceiling, below the floor, or even in an unused space around the home e.g. a wardrobe. 

The outdoor unit has to be placed as close as practicable to the indoor unit.  The only restrictions are that it be adequately ventilated with outdoor air and also be accessible for regular servicing, which is something we encourage you to arrange with us. Examples of possible locations are on the roof, on the balcony, under the deck, under the house, in a ventilated outhouse, on a patio, or on a bracket attached to the wall of the property.

Installing a ducted heat pump system is more involved and complex than installing a single wall heat pump, for example. But because we are used to working on large scale and complicated projects, our expertise and experience make that installation process a smoother one, with less disruption to your lifestyle and daily routine. So, for an easier and more effective way to heat your entire home this winter, contact us and find out more about ducted heat pump systems, and all of the other benefits they’ll bring you.