Commercial Ventilation Maintenance

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation maintenance

The ventilation system is fundamental to the operation of a clean and healthy kitchen, there is a full range of systems available.  Sophisticated systems have odour and smoke control in the extract and employ a mechanical form of make-up air to keep the conditions in the kitchen perfect, more common are the simple extract systems with no mechanical make-up, where the extracted air is replaced by air being induced into the kitchen.

Recently, our service team has been attending failures of commercial kitchen extract systems, because the ventilation system is a critical part of the kitchen infrastructure failure of the extract system makes working in the kitchen impossible, steam and fumes from cooking have nowhere to go so a dangerous environment is created.

One of our customers had to close their restaurant for a week, during the busy season while we sourced a replacement extract fan motor.

Fan failure is generally due to a build-up of grease and detritus.  No filter is 100% efficient so some of the extracted material encounters the fan before it is released to the atmosphere.  Over time this build up becomes significant and the fan motor fails.

Cleaning of the grease filter is important but will not prevent fan failure.  Fan life and efficiency will be improved by regular maintenance inspections and cleaning.

A full maintenance regimen is needed for the ventilation system depending on hours of use.  This generally includes daily and weekly inspection and cleaning of the filters, hood and grease channels.  Duct work and fire dampers need inspection monthly or quarterly with fan inspections six monthly.

Signs that the ventilation system needs maintenance are:

  • Odour emissions-you or your neighbours notice cooking odours are more obvious than they were in the past.
  • Noise-generally fans do not die quietly. Bearing noise will be obvious for a period before the fan finally gives up.  Bearing noise can range for a low frequency rumble to a metal to metal grinding noise.
  • Loss of extract power-no matter how clean the filters are the system lacks the extracting ability of the past.

Maintenance is a fraction of the cost of a failure and more convenient than a breakdown with all the disruption associated.  Maintenance increases equipment life cycle and reliability.

Thermo Tech tailor maintenance programmes that keep commercial kitchen ventilation systems functioning.  Call or message Thermo Tech today for a free appraisal.  Remember, we are so confident we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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