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Keep Mould Out Of Your Cool Room

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your cool room will stop the formation and growth of mould. When everything is clean and in working order, the cool room will operate as it should and that will stop the nasty stuff from spoiling food and causing a mess that will take hours to clean. 

High levels of humidity within a cool room combined with excessive moisture are guaranteed to foster the development of mould. Condensation forms when warm air enters the cool room and moisture levels rise alarmingly as a result. A lot of air will enter the room whenever the door is opened and that can’t be helped; modern and well maintained cool rooms are designed to handle this anyway. But cracked and damaged sealing around the door can see warm air enter the cool room 24/7, and that is where a lot of mould problems start.

Food spills within the coolroom can also lead to the development of mould. Immediate and thorough cleaning is a necessity when spills occur otherwise mould will grow at that site and spread quickly, contaminating food products before you know it. Can you afford to throw away all of these affected products? There’s a health cost too as the presence of mould can adversely affect people who are allergic to mould spores.

One of the best ways to prevent mould, and the damage it can cause, is to keep your coolroom clean. Many of the companies we deal with don’t have a rigorous and regular cleaning schedule in place and we urge you to not make the same mistake. Make cool room cleaning a higher priority than before; you’ll be glad you did. 

Something else you can do is to give us a call and we’ll check the condition of your cool room. We’ll look at loose seals, small cracks, and leaks in the coolroom, that just invite mould to take hold. The vent must also be inspected to ensure it’s operating as it should. If it’s not, humid air will remain in the cool room, and when it comes to keeping out mould, that is not a good thing. 

Finally, while regular servicing will stop mould from growing in your cool room, it will also ensure the room continues to work at optimum levels while remaining energy efficient at the same time. There is every reason to choose maintenance over mould!

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